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바스크 지방정보

자치 커뮤니티바스크 지방
유형자치 커뮤니티
ISO 3166-2ES-PV

바스크 지방데이터

도시 및 마을251
주민수2,207,776 주민
빌바오 346,843 주민
Orexa 121 주민
구역7,089 ㎢
비토리아 277 ㎢
Lanestosa 1.3 ㎢
인구밀도311.4 /㎢
Portugalete 14,257 /㎢
Lagrán 3.4 /㎢
평균 고도232 m (762 ft)
시간대UTC +1:00

바스크 지방지도

바스크 지방기후

  1. 해양 기후 100 %

바스크 지방날씨 (빌바오)

바스크 지방호텔

호텔 San MamésSan Mamés

San Mamés is located right next to Athletic Bilbao’s San Mamés Football Stadium and the Termibus Bus Station. Rooms have flat-screen TVs. All accommodation at the San Mamés is equipped with central heating and free Wi-Fi... 자세히 보기
€ 38
호텔 Hotel Zaragoza PlazaHotel Zaragoza Plaza

San Sebastián
The Zaragoza Plaza Hotel is set in the centre of San Sebastian and 50 metres from La Concha Beach. Air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. All of the rooms are heated and have a TV, minibar and telephone... 자세히 보기
€ 47
호텔 Casa GosetxeCasa Gosetxe
The casa Gosetxe is surrounded by trees, meadows, fields and vineyards. Located outside the resort Gatika, it is in a quiet position, 3 km from the sea. The 9-room house is on 3 levels, spacious, comfortable and tasteful furnishings... 자세히 보기
호텔 Pardiola Baserria Casa RuralPardiola Baserria Casa Rural
Pardiola Baserria Casa Rural is located 3 km from the centre of Hernani and 10 minutes' drive from San Sebastian. The air-conditioned country house features impressive views of the surrounding countryside and free on-site parking... 자세히 보기
€ 26
호텔 Casa Rural HigeraldeCasa Rural Higeralde

Set on the Bay of Biscay and surrounded by mountains, the Higueralde guest house is located 15-minutes’ walk from the beach. It offers rooms with central heating and free Wi-Fi... 자세히 보기
€ 59

바스크 지방공항

Aéroport international de BilbaoAéroport de Saint-Sébastien 

바스크 지방웹페이지

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